Pixel 5’s New Update May Fix Issues

The update may fix annoyingly loud system sounds.

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January Pixel updates are about to come, and with that, Google might have fixed a problem, and it meant system sounds of Pixel 5 could be louder than you may have needed.

Since October release of the Pixel 5, various customers on Reddit and on Google’s own help forums have announced that Pixel 5 system sounds such as the sound you hear when you take a screenshot, and the camera shutter could be very loud, even if the smartphone’s volume was set to a lower level.

In the delivery notes for the Pixel updates of January, though, Google explained that the Pixel 5-specific update contains further improvements and tuning for system sounds’ volume level.

Some users on Reddit have said that the system sounds are a lot calmer after you install the update on your phone, however, some state that the sounds are too peaceful at this point. Some other changes are also listed in the release notes, including enhancements to auto-brightness on Pixel 5, Pixel 4A 5G, and 4A.

In the January updates, there are audio, display, sensors and telephony updates. In the audio fix for Pixel 5, enhancements for volume system sounds will be done, and for Pixel 4A (5G), the audio issues causing speaker noise in some of the surrounds will be fixed.

In the Display and Graphics updates from January will fix lightning conditions’ brightness improvements with automatic light adjustment for Pixel 4A, 5G, and 5, and also the same display update for Pixel 3, 3A, 4, 4A, and Pixel 5 will get fixed the issue that generates intermittent restarts in some of the applications.

The sensor update will also be included for Pixel 3, 3A, 4, 4A and Pixel 5 to enhance auto-rotation response in some device orientations.

The other telephony enhancement with the January update which will fix call prevention on MNVO networks.

Google states that all Pixel devices running Android 11 will support and rolling out now these updates.

Pixel 5’s New Update May Fix Issues
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